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Audience Selection

Identify Your Target Audience

StreetMetrics has created custom profiles based on who people are, where they shop, and what apps they have on their phone.  We enable you to choose from these different personas to determine your target audience.  There are over 50 Million unique combinations for you to choose from! 

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3D Heat Maps

StreetMetrics gives you multiple ways to view where your audience is at any given point in time.  View the density of your audience via a flat heat map, or view it in 3D for easy analysis. 

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Density Analysis

Once you've selected your target audience and updated your filters, you can use built in tools to determine the density of your audience in a particular location relative to the density of the audience in your selected Zip Codes.  You have clarity into what percentage of your audience is in a particular location at any given time.


Fully Responsive

Whether you're on a laptop or a tablet, StreetMetrics technology is fast, responsive, and adaptive to fit your needs.  Select one persona or 15, and we'll make sure our platform provides an experience you enjoy. 


Fully Actionable

StreetMetrics built tools with our clients in mind.  We've spent multiple months iterating to create a world class product you can use to make decisions quickly and effectively.

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Ben Turner

Executive Director - B-Cycle


"We feel that StreetMetrics is one of those strategic partners that will help us grow.  Their tools are just what we need to provide audience insights to our advertising customers."

Dave Reed

Sales Director - Zagster

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"In today’s digital age, we must answer the questions of who, what, where, and why when selling any form of advertising space. We believe StreetMetrics has developed the platform to do just that.”

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