• Number of Impressions
  • Demographic and Behavioral data
  • Common Evening Location 

Demographic Data

StreetMetrics determines demographic data based on understanding where that device lives.  We can't legally identify anyone on a personal level, or identify the address in which that device lives, but we do aggregate devices seen within a census group to determine key metrics such as age, income, education, & ethnicity.

Consumer Behavior

StreetMetrics determines consumer behavior data based on the physical locations they're going to, as well as the types of apps installed on a user's phone.  We can personify an individual based on the the specific shops they've visited, the big game they attended, or even if they've swiped right.  

Consumer Behaviors

Evening Location

StreetMetrics determines evening location data based on understanding where that device lives. Let's say we register a device showing in a particular location every week from 8PM to 4AM. We can then assume that specific individual lives in that location.



StreetMetrics uses advanced methodologies and data including real-time traffic and location data to determine how many individuals we registered in a particular location. This enables us to calculate an import statistic called Impressions, or the amount of people exposed to a location. 


Dwell Time

StreetMetrics proprietary technology can determine how long a device was registered in a particular location at any given point of time.  This enables us to calculate an important statistic called Dwell Time, or how long that audience was exposed to a location.

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Ben Turner

Executive Director - B-Cycle


"We feel that StreetMetrics is one of those strategic partners that will help us grow.  Their tools are just what we need to provide audience insights to our advertising customers."


Dave Reed

Sales Director - Zagster

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"In today’s digital age, we must answer the questions of who, what, where, and why when selling any form of advertising space. We believe StreetMetrics has developed the platform to do just that.”

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